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a federal agent - and didn't show up in court today. last month - police say he was in an unmarked ford crown victoria with sirens on. they say he got out of the car wearing a shirt with an f-b-i emblem. he initially claimed he was handling an emergency - but eventually said he worked for a security company and that the emergency was he had to pay his phone bill. there's a warrant tonight for his arrest. a folk singer is accused of making anti-gay comments at a show in san francisco last night. michelle shocked is a grammy nominated singer who was performing at yoshi's. now - other venues, including hop-monk tavern in novato, are cancelling her performances. concert organizers at yoshi's released this statement on twitter today. saying they don't tolerate the type of "bigotry and hatred exhibited last night.she will never be back." bicyclists were allowed to ride bart all day -- including during peak commute hours. it's part of a week-long test program. bart officials say they've made more space available for bikes in their cars. some commuters argue it won't be enough - and they're wor
'm intrigued by ford bonds as well as stock. gasoline prices are higher and that helps retail sales. these are great numbers. i'll use the word cautious optimism. americans in need as ben, i like what i'm seeing. we continue to be the leader in the world economy. we need the pope, get that done. italy needs to get a pope and get their economy back on track. costco good, target good, wal-mart good, j.c. penney, not so good. >> the important is if we do not send money the economy falters. >> i feel like at mcmahon, you are correct sir. we do pay attention to that. >> do we have and it's all coming out tomorrow? >> the most lanes/mob ever in the york for people. samsung employees. they're coming out of the phone tomorrow and it has samsung aquiver in. it is one-fifth of th10 years ago they we need t new products. >> the intent was sounds of all is the son was steeper than the five phones do you think that will help apple out if they have in the less-expensive iphone? >> yes i do. we go is a good success partner. sam's and has a good partner. did i were to marry samsung or apple i would
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, something he learned two years ago. here is what ford and that say about the revelation. >> is a process changing our position on the issue. i believe that people have the right to get married. >> portman says his son now a junior in college help him work for his decision to announce this change in position on a marriage. he says he will be publicly announcing his section rally. though he is a staunch conservative, port and has never outspoken against a marriage. while in congress he supported a constitutional limit to ban gay marriage and voted for the defense of marriage act. >> it is 521. >> gun-control advocates for a big victory of the assault weapon ban, not without emotional fireworks between lawmakers. >> the senate judiciary committee has approved an assault weapons ban that was proposed by california senator dianne feinstein. >> she was clearly angry when a member of the tea party in senate colleague tracks colder about the constitution. >> it seems to me that all of us could begin as our foundational document with the constitution. >> i am not a sixth grader. senator i have be
's first female house speaker. others being honored include former first lady betty ford and horse racing's leading female jockey julie krone. from beautyrest40% and posturepedic.ets save hundreds on floor samples and closeout inventory. but hurry, the beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> new this morning how that is recalling nearly 250,000 vehicles in the u.s., japan and several other countries because they're breaking had suddenly kick in unexpectedly. some of the models affected are the acura are al and beat in the ax models and the honda pilot. there were all made from 2004 and march through may 2006. honda says no accidents have been blamed on the problem. >> androids first loss at google is stepping down, and be rubin. he is androids co- founder and in charge of global mobile and digital content. google says he will have a new role in the company. rubin went to google as part of the company's purchase of android in 2003. his replacement will be sundar pichai the ipad of google chrome and apps. >> they w
with black hair. the suspects left the armed robbery scene in two vehicles. a black four-door ford f- 150 and a silver chevy trailblazer. i'm grant lodes, kron 4 news. in a news conference we carried live during the kron kiddie academy child care his name was on oakland's most wanted list. however, he says he never did anything wrong. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, chau van is now suing to try and recover from what happened to him. this is no resulting in a lawsuit against the city. >> this has changed my life. this is now -- resulting in a lawsuit against the city. >> i was scared and nervous for my life. it was on television and the internet i thought that the police were going to hunt me down. >> a our goal and for the totality is to try as the best as we can to clear his name. if >> reporter: oakland police department said that he was wanted for a gang shooting. he says that he is never been in a gang. he works in real estate and as a web developer but has not been able to get a job because of this. >> financially, it has put a burden on me. running away. i do not know what i
former first lady betty ford and horse racing's leading female jockey julie krone. >> pepsi is changing the recipe for gatorade after a mississippi team made it permission to get rid of promenaded vegetable oil. the oil issues to distribute flavor evenly throughout the drink. the girls on my petition through more than to launch a thousand signatures. brominate vegetable oil is classified as generally recognized as safe by the fda. >> the fda is morning paces about the use of popular antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. >> it is called zithro max . it is sold in was called a z-pack. the d f eight says it can used abnormal and even fatal heart rhythms. the warning was issued after two different studies were reviewed. people of low blood levels of the tacit or magnesium are the higher risk. the makers of the drugs that most patients to use the antibiotic are not affected. >> we will be back with more on the kron 4 morning news. thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a
being honored include former first lady betty ford and horse racing's leading female jockey -- julie krone. why be stuck in the studio on a beautiful day like this? jacqueline bennet is bringing us the weather.from the rooftop.! it is able bit of a change. and now, i need a jacket! it is breezy and press. but the temperatures away from the coast are really warm. it is a bit brisk--. >> jacqueline: some 80s in some locations with 78 in napa. 78 in sunnyvale. i wish that it was 78 on the rooftop but it is only 65 downtown san francisco with the wind, it certainly feels colder than that. however, just show you how quick these sea breeze temperatures are making. let us take a look of the weather headlines. this will mean more fog and reduced visibility. to one-quarter of 1 mi.. temperatures will stay mild. in the upper 40's. 10 degrees cooler and we will continue that trend for the extended for past fairly widespread it will be up by noon. with one quarter 1 mi. visibility as to go out the door. giving yourself some extra time definitely, some mild temperatures into the afternoon still n
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Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9